None of our projects could happen without the time and dedicated effort of FASM volunteers. If you’re interested in joining us to help reclaim our local history, please contact us. FASM needs your energy!

Current Projects

Museum Curator Linda Aaskov is updating the inventory of Shaker artifacts. If you would like to help, look here.

Past Projects

The Museum now has an Internet connection and wi-fi throughout the building.

Our library and office on the second floor are complete. We are fortunate to have Bruce Tucker and Marjorie Anderson to oversee the operation of our library.

FASM has been storing hundreds of books, journals, photographs, and other materials that will make the library a welcome addition to the Museum facility. In addition, keeping these items in the library allows such valuables to be consolidated in one place. Now that the chairlift is installed, this enables convenient access for elderly or disabled visitors.